Showcasing a Vibrant, Fun & Funky Orange County Wedding at 24 Carat’s The Richland

This was an incredibly fun project, as wedding vendors worked together to showcase the beautiful, renovated Orange County venue, Old Town Orange’s Richland.

Through a collaborative effort that highlighted its versatility, modern design, intentional details, and charming vintage elements. This was achieved by showcasing the various spaces within the property and how they could be transformed for different events and purposes.

Theme & Colorway

We created a fun, vibrant colorway with retro touches to bring a fun and energetic vibe to the space. This included incorporating disco elements such as glitter and disco balls throughout different moments of the day, as that’s also been an exciting trend that seems to be sticking for a lot of couples. The overall vision was to showcase how this versatile venue could be transformed into a vibrant wedding space during peak seasons- spring, summer, and early fall weddings. We wanted to also tell the story of a wedding-day, and how it could unfold for all of the possibilities in different spaces for both people within a couple.

In terms of the shooting and editing style, it only made sense to capture this as cohesively as possible, with the feel of Super 8 Film- especially with so many couples opting in for this wonderfully nostalgic feel for their wedding day memories. We wanted the modern perspective to shine through, with the grainy and soft look that comes with vintage film.

Bride & Groom Styling

The dress and suit chosen for this shoot were carefully selected to complement the venue’s modern yet vintage feel. The bride’s dress was a stunning combination of retro and modern styles, while the groom’s suit added a touch of sophistication to the overall look. They were both styled in a way that showcased their individual personalities while also complementing each other perfectly.

In keeping with the theme of vintage charm, heels for “something blue” were also incorporated into the shoot. These added a playful touch to the bride’s overall look while also tying in with the retro elements of the event design.

The Venue Space

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the venue itself. The property boasts a stunning cocktail bar and lounge area at its entrance – setting the tone for an upscale and refined event. The open ceremony space is naturally lit, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests. This space can easily be transformed into a sophisticated dining hall for receptions. Additionally, the venue offers accommodations for the couple and their VIPs – allowing them to stay onsite throughout their wedding weekend. The outdoor pergola-covered space is perfect for cocktail hour or even smaller ceremonies. And lastly, there is a beautiful bridal suite on-site that provides ample natural light for getting ready photos as well as serving as a romantic backdrop for first touch moments.


The floral designs were so cute, fun and modern! There were a lot of minimalist, elegant touches to the shoot with their beautiful arrangements that enhanced the natural beauty and lighting of the venue. They incorporated pops of color that complemented the vibrant colorway chosen by the event designer while also incorporating vintage-inspired elements in their designs.

First Touch

Romantics at the Staircase

Personal Vows, Ceremony

Fun Flash Cocktails at Reception

For ceremony and reception rentals, different pieces were carefully selected to showcase how this venue could accommodate various types of events – from intimate ceremonies to grand receptions. This included versatile seating options, tables adorned with elegant linens, and other decor pieces that added to the overall aesthetic of the shoot.

All in All

In conclusion, through collaboration among all vendors involved, this shoot successfully showcased how versatile and charming this wedding event space truly is. With its blend of modern design and intentional vintage details, it provides endless possibilities for weddings during peak seasons. The vision and concept of showcasing retro vibes paired with elegant decor truly brought this venue to life in all its glory. Below are links to all vendors involved in making this shoot possible:

Event Design & Coordination: Pretty Palm Leaf Events
Photography is & Shoot Co-Coordination: Julianne Rose Photography
Floral Design: H Floral Studio (Orange County)
Dress: Shopping Sonder
Suit: Friar Tux
Heels for Something Blue: Lulu’s Wedding
Venue: The Richland, Orange (Orange County) – a 24 Carat Venue

April 24, 2024

Julianne Shearer



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