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my promise to you

When it comes to your wedding day, it deserves to be commemorated into a legacy- it means creating an experience for you and with you, versus being another vendor to check off of your list.

You're investing it into someone who's 1000% ready to show up and capture you candidly, in all of the in-between moments. We're here to understand how you want to spend your wedding day. The last thing we want is for the day to feel like a photo production- with no down time to take things in by the time the formalities take place and it's time to truly celebrate. Instead, it should feel like there are moments sprinkled in where I happen to hype you up to be your best self in front of a camera, while capturing core memories with your closest friends and loved ones in the process.

You deserve to look back on your wedding day and feel like your photo team understood the assignment, let you have fun the way you intended, with results that showcase the essence of one of the greatest days of your lives.

preserving fleeting moments

dreamy, moody elegance

editorial & 

services available for weddings

Memories, truly encapsulated

+ Pre wedding consultation & strategy

Let's craft an incredible experience that not only lets you enjoy the day you've been eagerly anticipating, but also discuss how we'll capture every single moment, ensuring you have cherished memories for a lifetime. This could mean offering an insightful POV during your venue tour, ceremony walkthroughs, phone chats, and other vital touchpoints before your event planner comes into the fold.


Finalized photographs, available to you, your partner, and anyone else you choose. You'll get to relive those special moments via a password-protected digital gallery.

+ Full-day wedding coverage

From morning to night- capturing all of the moments that make up how you celebrate without rushing anything. This is ultimately tailored to your schedule to tell the story of your day properly. 

If you are thrilled to experience a full weekend of festivities, rehearsal dinner coverage is something additional that you can decide to invest in even after you've officially booked with me.

+ custom ENGAGEMENT session experience

Let's get to know each other well before the big day, during your "fiancée era".

We'll discuss what will make it the best experience to ease you into my process while capturing timeless, professional photos for your save-the-dates or simply to create a super fun, different experience, all while  having a blast and capturing you candidly in the process.

+ FILM options available

Tangible moments you can feel from your wedding day, with all of the special nostalgia there is to offer. Choose from having the highlights of your day captured in two potential film formats, or partner with me to discuss what's possible for more film photography coverage.


Experience the joy of flipping through a curated, bespoke bound book that celebrates every moment of your special day. Our custom design process is tailored to showcase the moments you cherish most, with custom cover art designs that all together serve as a significant, tangible tribute to your celebration of love.


Explore below to discover what is included within each package.

my wedding packages

Starting from 3,275

sentimental souls package

- What this includes

the most sentimental

+ Up to 12 hours of wedding-day coverage
  there from start to finish, no missed moments

+ Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
   perfect for couples who are planning to
   commemorate the entire wedding weekend

+ Professional editing of hundreds of images,
   personally curated within your digital gallery
   High & low-resolution photos, integrated into a
   digital storefront for prints and frames, and
   available for sharing on socials

+ Pre-Wedding Consultation & Planning
   I'll be there for venue tours, ceremony walkthrough,
   and more, to make sure everyone feels prepared

+ A personalized pre-wedding session
   celebrate this incredible chapter while getting to
   know how we'll work together

+ Second photographer 
   offering an essential, additional perspective during
   key moments like your first look, and more

+ Instant Film
   tangibly nostalgic  polaroid mementos, hand-         
   delivered to you with a bunch of TLC

+ Keepsake Albums
   wonderfully bespoke, this bound heirloom allows
   you to turn each page & relive it all after it's all said
   and done

this premium package is meant for /

souls, who truly value digital & tangible memories from their day

Golden Hour lovers

- What this includes

 who want to

this is best suited for the ones  /

ensure we're all squared away with all the goods

+ Full wedding day coverage
   i’ll be there from start to finish

+ High & low-resolution photos
   perfect for print & social media sharing

+ Pre-Wedding Consultation & Planning
   I'll be there for venue tours, ceremony walkthrough,     and more, to make sure everyone feels prepared
+ Online digital galleries
   to access your wedding-dayy memories any time &     share with loved ones

+ Engagement session
   a special time for us to commemorate your love           before you walk down the aisle

+ Second Photographer
   capturing another essential perspective during key       moments throughout your entire day

+ Semi-Instant Film
   images crafted together to give motion to your             favorite moments, alongside filmy photographed         stills

+ Professional editing of hundreds of images
   each and every photo will receive professional             editing to ensure they are the best quality

romantic dreamers

- What this includes

plan to sashay away 

+ Full wedding day Coverage
   i’ll be there from start to finish

+ Pre-Wedding Consultation & Planning
   I'll be there for venue tours, ceremony walkthrough,     and more, to make sure everyone feels prepared

+ High resolution photos
   perfect for print

+ Low resolution images
   perfect for sharing on social media
+ Online digital gallery
   to access your wedding day memories any time &         share with loved ones

+ Second Shooter
   capturing another essential perspective during key       moments throughout your entire day

+ Professional editing of hundreds of images
   each and every photo will receive professional             editing to ensure they are the best quality

this package suits those who /

with the absolute essentials from their big day

on Your wedding day

A day like no other


Drunk on love, joy and happy tears

Let's really prepare- so you two look and feel your absolute best before your big day. I'll provide tons of tips, advice, resources, and more, and we'll craft the perfect game plan as we chat by phone and email- and I'll meet everyone most important to making the day a success during your ceremony walkthrough.

On your wedding day, I’ll arrive bright and early to settle in quickly and say hi to everyone before I start shooting. I want to make sure that everyone (especially you) is 100% comfortable and pumped for the day ahead.

Throughout your day, I’ll be weaving in and out to make sure I catch every precious moment- including getting you those epic poses, with a balance of raw moments. There will be happy tears, all day, laughs during cocktail hour, heartfelt hugs & more. All the moments that make your heart feel real big.

I'll be the chameleon you need me to be - and the source of calm when emotions run high. Whether it's playing the ringmaster, gathering everyone for that perfect shot, or stealthily capturing those authentic, candid moments from the sidelines. No cheesiness or forced poses here, just genuine and captivating. memories in the making.



Your little legacy starts here

The editing process evolves with each new season, which means that I apply everything learned to elevate it- to properly retouch, retone, and enhance the setting of any given image that's included in your final gallery. 

This revolves around soft and even skin tones, calibrating to ensure colors are true-to-life, while selecting moments that feel emotive and cinematic.

Every wedding is like a snowflake- uniquely different. As yours is unfolding, I intentionally observe what moments are going to be the ones that you will want to hold dear and value most.

This is why I take time getting to understand what's important for you to experience your day, so when I spend time reviewing what's been captured, I am meticulously selecting the moments that you will truly cherish, and giving these the undivided attention each deserve.

keepsake Albums

Fine art albums, Handcrafted Memories

This tangible collection of page-turning moments encapsulates a lifetime’s keepsake, that's beautifully made, just for you. It's a truly cathartic, sensory way to relive the celebration that begins your legacy.

Nothing replaces the feeling of being able to hold all those precious moments in your hands, from the comfort of your own home, experiencing over the whirlwind of your celebration. 

" No amount of words can describe how grrateful I am to have Jules as my wedding photographer. She's kind, transparent, and truly cares nothing more than making sure you feel the most important.

She's great at sharing what to expect, what she will provide, what you will need, and making sure she executes the vision perfectly. Worth the time and investment- I could not recommend or trust anyone else with photography "

March 31, 2022

lorena & jake


film photography


hitting you with  /

the ultimate nostalgia

This is for couples who yearn for touches of film photography- cherishing tangible moments that can be seen and felt long after the day is over, alongside their digital photos.

You can receive highlights from your day via 35mm or polaroid film photos after your wedding day as well.

Other services

Local or destination, the full story begins when your family and loved ones arrive to meet one another- fusing the family you grew up with, together with the family you gained along the way- all in one special place.

We can create an experience that allows you to celebrate all of the sentimental toasts and speeches, heartfelt connections, and to proceed accordingly with any post-dinner shenanigans- planned or unplanned- to commemorate the evening before the big day.

your wedding weekend, fully captured

rehearsal dinner coverage


01 / 03

Big Sur holds an very, very sentimental place in my heart and soul. Regularly exploring one of the most breathtaking landscapes each summer growing up, I know how this place holds it's phenomenal wonder as one of the most incredibly epic places to elope.

Whether it's just the two of you, or hosting an intimate gathering of 20 loved ones or less, you can explore packages uniquely tailored to this experience with more than just capturing moments.

AN INTIMATE CELEBRATION, where the mountains meet the sea

elopement packages

big sur

02/ 03

courthouse union

Whether you're looking for an intimate way to celebrate your love, or you've decided to comemmorate your union becoming official in the eyes of the state before the big day, I'd love to be by your side to commemorate this epic moment. 

Let me add to your staycation experience by elevating the way you celebrate making things legally offish.



03 / 03


1. we tend to feel awkward in front of cameras - help!

Honestly- it's so understandable! 99.99% of my past couples have felt this way leading up to their engagement session or wedding day. However, by the time we've met in person, they've told me how much fun they've had! We'll do fun activities with lots of movement, for all of those truly candid, true-to-you moments! 

2. how do we officially book you in for our wedding celebration?

Let's have you first submit an official inquiry, through my website's contact page! After that, we'll hop on a quick phone call to chat and find out how we can work together. To officially secure me in for your wedding date/ weekend, I require a signed contract, with a minimum of 30% the package cost, via retainer payment. After that, I have several payment plan options that can suit your personal preferences and needs. For more information, please reach out directly, and I can set up a payment plan for you.

3. Do you charge for travel, or is this included within your wedding packages?

For any and all Southern California weddings, as well as Big Sur elopements, travel is included within each associated package, as they are all-inclusive. Outside of my marketed locations, travel is calculated at $1/mile, round trip. If the destination is anywhere from 100 miles-300 miles from Los Angeles County, it is a flat rate of $500. If direct-flight travel is required, there will be a custom quote, based on current airfare prices at the time of booking.

4. how would you describe your work, and overall artistic style?

Most moments you see are as candid as possible- whether captured raw in the moment, or given some helpful prompting to evoke emotion you want remembered most. I do offer a very realistic, true-to-life editing style- one that truly captures the colors accurately of your day to feel as if you're there. If you're looking for a more soft, nostalgic, grainy, and rich feel to your memories, might I suggest reaching out about my offerings in film photography. 


If my team is thinking about lists throughout the day, it takes away from the creative flow, and ability to capture things as candidly and authentically as possible. As for staged wedding party/ family photos, we can provide this if required, but keep the list to a maximum of 8 groupings, so we can focus on the core memories throughout the day. We've found after years of experience, the unstaged moments tend to be valued the most, anyways!

5. Are you Insured?

Yes, indeed I am! I am a creative business owner, and I have insurance for my business and my professional equipment.


Please know that for booking, I take a specific number of weddings each year to ensure each couple of mine feels properly tended to, with the best touchpoints.

At this stage, I have a few dates left for 2024, and have been booking months out for the 2025 year as well. 


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