ello! i'm jules

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if you want a photographer who...

- Encourages you to go against the grain, to make sure your wedding day feels unconventionally stunning and epic

-Steps in to direct when necessary, but ultimately feeds off of your vibe to capture you in your truest, most authentic self. Someone who can guide for specific photos while stepping back as core memories unfold

-Hypes you up to keep the positive energy flowing when emotions run high on the big day, while balancing chill energy when emotions run high

-During the planning process and the wedding day itself, will check in early and often to be the sounding board you didn't know you needed, as your true confidant


Just a 


A Visual


for loved up


preserving fleeting moments

dreamy, moody elegance

attention to the little 


what does that mean, and how does that feel?

Blending each others cultures to create something that brings together the family you grew up with, together with loved ones you've gathered along the way

Integrating formal moments with fun, creative, personalized touches that capture the true essence of your relationship, and how you intend to celebrate

Crafting a theme that authentically reflects your personality, style, tied with what makes your relationship meaningful and awesome

Straying from traditions that don't resonate with you, and leaning into modern remakes that do instead

my "why"

learn why i'm here for it all

As an adult, it's easy to look back with all of the nostalgic feelings. A lot of the time growing up, I actually didn't document much of it at all along the way (despite the strong sense of wanting to go back). I always wished I had someone by my side to capture those moments while I was living them.

That realization hit especially hard when I realized that I wasn't living to my purpose day-to-day- in fact, I was striving more than ever to make real, authentic, raw connection with amazing people in-person, while sharing something tangible with them. Once I learned how to use a camera, it all clicked (literally and figuratively), and here we are.

I've realized that looking back at the past can help you appreciate the present, and what's to come in the next milestone. Memories are 1,000% worth celebrating, along with the unique people in our lives, and we should honor that notion by having it all documented along the way. 


a balanced approach to your wedding day

what to expect from when we are capturing every moment

We believe in what we consider a balanced approach -we'll step in and lead with creative guidance for certain situations, and then step back back when those core memories are unfolding. Ultimately, we're feeding off of your energy to capture things authentically.

Our best work comes when you fully lean into the process, and together trust each other wholeheartedly. On your big day, we meet the needs of the moment with empathy and sentiment, then go into hype mode when the fun when the formalities conclude and the shenanigans begin..

We recognize how fleeting the day can become, so we will capture you as the day unfolds - enjoying time with guests, impromptu toasts, big hugs after you walk down the aisle, and so much more. 

philosophy behind the lens

because your tangible memories will be  /

what you come back to 

 after it's all said and done

Your wedding day is about so much more than just having a ceremony and cutting the cake- in fact, you can decide to go without cutting it if it doesn't feel meaningful to you. You should feel empowered to celebrate your wedding day the way that you want to- and make decisions intentionally around how you believe you'll experience it best.

When you work with me, it's about so much more than "putting together a shotlist." I'll partner with you to help you think more intentionally about the possibilities to what's captured,



soft, dreamy


that feels


to you

sweet nothings

Kind Words from my couples

" I am blown away at how well Julianne added so much value to our wedding day. It's evident that she wanted us to enjoy our wedding day, as she captured the essence of it. She not only captured how we wanted the celebration to look and feel- I also didn't know that we could have our relationship dynamic captured so intricately and in so many complexities. She was thorough in the planning process, yet she remained super personable on our wedding day- it was easy to let our guard down in front of her, while welcoming her into our families.

Jules will go above and beyond to make sure you, your wedding party, and families feel respected, comfortable and have fun and allowing her to become part of the family while she's photographing what matters most"

SEP. 28 2023


travis & alyssa

"By far, one of the most fun adventures we got to experience, frolickinig around downtown.

She really wanted us to think about what would be fun for us- not simply trying to add to her portfolio. We decided it would be a blast to go back to Ironside Oyster bar, where we had our first date! She kept vibes high and forced posing nonexistent. We were able to just "be"!

It was so fun wandering the city with her- she reminded us of how spontaneous we can be, and how to reignite the fun.  We are SO grateful to have has her snap it all"

mar 08 2023


vanessa & dakotah

"Jules was an absolute pleasure to work with! 

She prepped us on what to expect day of, informed us of the places she was scouting, gave us so much inspo, and she explained her process from start to end- I so appreciated that she was on top of everything.

Throughout the shoot, she was energetic and walked us through prompts that encouraged us to be ourselves.

If you want someone that will cheer you on from start to end, is genuine, thoughtful, listens, works as a team, and will capture your most important milestones in life, Jules is your photographer!"

oct. 28 2023


liliana & rick

TWO Souls ONE Story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey.