Reasons Why You Should Get Married at The Historic Ebell Club in Long Beach

Recently engaged? Congratulations! You’re about to start one of the most thrilling chapters of your life. Selecting the perfect venue is one of the first steps in wedding planning, and if you’re searching for a location that captures the heart in the Los Angeles area, Ebell Long Beach ticks every box.

Picture this: a historic estate oozing with old-world European charm, nestled in the heart of Long Beach California. It’s positively wrapped in the romantic ambiance of Southern European influence that would transport you instantly to the likes of Andalusia, Spain. Sounds like a dream? Welcome to Ebell Long Beach, a venue that promises to turn your wedding into an unforgettable tale of elegance and allure.

An Timeless, Dreamy Setting for Your Special Day

As their websites suggests, this historic place in Long Beach has truly been revived in some of the most vibrant, beautiful ways possible. Yes- it is a venue that has worked hard to preserve the Southern-European-inspired architecture and charm, paired with modern, elegant upgrades that’s been intentional to offer amenities that elevate the guest experience for your big day.

The Bridal Suite with Stunning Balcony

The bride’s preparations are key moments, the prelude to the much-awaited walk down the aisle. The bridal suite at Ebell Long Beach offers just this – a gorgeous white-walled haven, adorned with velvety couches and luxurious accents, not forgetting the bay balcony allowing for stunning natural light photography. There’s lot of vintage elements that are equal parts timeless and full of elegant glamour.

The Groom’s Quarters

In my opinion, bot people within a couple deserve to have their own amazing space to get ready relax, and spend quality time with their favorite people before seeing their partner for life. If you were wondering where your babe would be getting ready- don’t worry, they on’t need to get ready offsite- they’ve definitely been considered at this space.

The Ebell’s Groom’s Suite exudes a regal and mysterious vibe, with deep hues, a handsome pool table, and eye-catching décor. It’s the ultimate setting for those carefree whiskey sipping shots and heartfelt camaraderie moments before waking down the aisle.

The Ceremony Site – Strikingly Beautiful

The magic of Ebell Long Beach doesn’t stop there. The ceremony site, conveniently placed at the entrance, means that from the moment your guests arrive, they’re immersed in the warmth and grandeur of your love story. The space is majestically lit with sconces and an open roof design, creating an enchanting ambiance that requires little embellishment.

Cocktail Lounge Area: A Regal Affair

Adjacent to the ceremony site is the cocktail lounge – a royal gallery with plush seating and an aurora of sophistication. An exquisite social hub for guests to mingle and toast to your union, this area reaffirms that your special day is held at a venue second to none. With chic décor and soft lighting, the cocktail lounge is the perfect place to relax and enjoy drinks with friends and family.

The cocktail lounge at The Ebell Long Beach is not just a waiting area for guests, but a luxurious social space designed to elevate your wedding experience. Featuring comfortable seating and elegant decor, this royal gallery exudes sophistication and sets the tone for an unforgettable celebration.

As you make your grand entrance after ceremony has concluded and are ready to join your cocktail hour together (your officially married- yay!), your guests can gather in the adjacent cocktail lounge to mingle and toast to your union. The plush seating invites them to unwind and chat while enjoying their favorite beverages. And with its soft lighting, this intimate setting creates a warm ambiance that will make everyone feel right at home.

Historic Charm Perfected by Modern Luxuries

Ebell Long Beach isn’t just a pretty face; it’s a seamless blend of historic Spanish Andalusian elements fused with vital modern comforts. Recent renovations have respected the original woodwork and custom-tiled flooring while adding contemporary utilities – think state-of-the-art AC/Heat for year-round comfort, upgraded food prep areas, and absolutely stunning restrooms that honestly deserve a quick selfie photo opportunity in the powder room.

Automatically Integrated Plan B – The Perfect Indoor Wedding Venue

Weather worries? Not here. The bliss of an indoor venue like Ebell Long Beach is the peace of mind it brings. Rain or shine, your wedding is sheltered within the majestic walls of this historic estate. Outdoor photo ops abound with the picturesque neighborhood providing a delightful contrast to your indoor festivities.

Visual Recap: Spaces That Captures Hearts

To truly appreciate the Ebell in Long Beach, one must see it. Imagine your wedding gallery filled with shots from:

  • The Bridal Suite: A silhouette against the balcony, a candid laughter caught in soft light.
  • The Groom’s Suite: Reflective moments, the bond of brotherhood etched in monochrome.
  • The Ceremony Space: The first kiss as a married couple, framed by architectural beauty.
  • The Cocktail Lounge: Toasts and tales, captured in frames of timeless enjoyment.
  • The Upstairs Balcony: An aerial view of the festivities, a unique perspective on a day that’s all about you.

From selfies to sophisticated shots by your chosen Long Beach wedding photographer, the Ebell’s intricate details and photogenic corners will ensure your big day is captured in all its glory.


In the search for that perfect Indoor wedding venue, Ebell Long Beach stands out as an exquisite, historic, and versatile setting, where dreams of a timeless, sophisticated wedding can truly become reality. From the architectural splendor of Andalusia, spectacular architecture fused with modern layout design for a well thought out, intentional guest experience, the Ebell is poised to host your stunning, unconventionally beautiful, modern wedding.

For those incredible “I dos” and all the shared smiles thereafter, the Ebell wraps your day in a historical tapestry while delighting in contemporary comfort.

Do you envision your wedding day surrounded by this blend of antiquity and modern elegance? Visit Ebell Long Beach and step into the storybook setting you’ve always dreamed of, and book your local Long Beach wedding photographer– someone who is incredibly well-versed in where and when to capture you in the best place throughout your wedding day at this stunning venue!

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April 23, 2024

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