Celebrating a Modern, Coastal, Timeless Laguna Beach Wedding

Meghan and Joe’s all-white coastal wedding in Laguna Beach was so incredible and fun. From the stunning venue to the beautiful details, every aspect of their special day exuded timeless elegance and modern charm.

The Beautiful Couple

The bride, Meghan, looked absolutely radiant in her white lace gown as she made her way down the aisle on the arm of her father. But what made her look even more striking was the contrast of her bridesmaids’ attire – all dressed in sleek, black dresses. The combination of black and white created a striking visual that perfectly captured the modern theme of the wedding.

As for the groom, Joe looked dapper in an all-black classic tuxedo. His look complemented Meghan’s perfectly, showcasing their effortless chemistry and style as a couple. But before they would spend time together with their own first look sharing private vows, Meghan shared a sentimental first look with her father. It was a touching moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.


But the real magic happened when Meghan and Tyler saw each other at the altar and shared their personal vows in front of their favorite people. As they exchanged vows against a backdrop of clear blue skies and crashing ocean waves, it was evident that this was so full of love.

The ceremony itself was absolutely stunning, with the Laguna shoreline and Pacific ocean as a total statement backdrop to the all-white floral arches. These arrangements added a touch of soft romance to the setting, while acrylic clear ceremony details made it feel so ethereal, modern, and chic. The guests couldn’t take their eyes off the happy couple as they said “I do” under an arch adorned with delicate white flowers.

After sealing their love with a kiss, it was time for the newlyweds to celebrate with their loved ones at their modern and stylish reception. And what better way to start off than with a private walkthrough just for them? As they walked hand in hand through an archway of flowers and greenery, it felt like they were stepping into their own fairytale world.

As the evening came to an end and guests started saying their goodbyes, it was evident that Meghan and Tyler’s wedding had been nothing short of spectacular. Every detail had been carefully thought out to create a fun-filled yet elegant affair that truly reflected their love for each other.

In conclusion, Meghan and Tyler’s all-white coastal wedding in Laguna Beach was a timeless and beautiful celebration filled with love, joy, and modern touches. From the bridesmaids dressed in black to the groom’s classic tuxedo, every aspect of the wedding exemplified their sophisticated style as a couple. The all-white florals and acrylic details added an ethereal feel to the ceremony, while the modern reception private walkthrough and grand entrance set the tone for a fun-filled evening.

April 19, 2024

Julianne Shearer



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