How to Prepare & Get the Most Out of Your Couples Engagement Session: Part 1

Picture this – you’re hand in hand with your forever love, ensconced in the golden light of a California sunset. There’s an air of chic elegance as the two of you move effortlessly together, every candid click of the camera capturing the raw, emotive celebration of your engagement. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Let’s make it happen. Here’s a little guide I’ve curated just for you – a step-by-step on making the most out of that sensational couples engagement session you’ve been dreaming about.

Life’s fleeting, hun, and this engagement period? It’s a big deal, worthy of more than just a mention. It’s the prelude to one of the biggest days of your life, and oh, what a chapter it is to capture!

Your Mindset Matters Most

What makes an engagement photoshoot not just good, but intentional? It’s all about the mindset. Think of your session as a date where a friend (ahem, that’s me) just so happens to bring along a camera. Forget the thought that you’re not model material because, between you and me, most people aren’t, and that’s more than okay! What matters is that we’re capturing your story, in a way that feels genuine to who you are as a couple.

In the Spotlight

It’s common to feel self-conscious with all the attention on you- especially if you’re being photographed in a place that will be less secluded at times. But remember, most people are too wrapped up in their own world to pay much attention, and are focusing on themselves.

In fact- I’ve found that people who see a professional camera with a couple being photographed tend to always share a positive interaction in passing. folks will yell, “congrats!” high fives, and will genuinely be happy for my couples. It’s always uplifting to see!

We’ll dance through this experience focussing only on the connections and the joy that bubbles up naturally between the two of you!

Determining Your Date & Location(s)

Choosing a date and location can seem daunting at first, right? But it doesn’t have to be. Whether we’re chasing the daybreak for a soft, serene vibe or reveling in the dramatic hues of a Southern Californian sunset, we’ll plan the perfect moment in the place that feels most right to you both.

Sunrise sessions have a certain serenity, free from the buzz of the city, while sunset adds a warmth that’s absolutely magical.

And if we’re debating about adding a second location – hey, why limit ourselves when there’s so much beauty to explore?

Outfit Styling, Overall Vibe & Vision

This part’s fun – choosing what to wear so that every photo feels like a page from your style diary. It’s not just about what’s trending on social media; it’s about echoing the essence of your unique love story too.

Whether it’s revisiting the spot of your first kiss or twinning in attires that scream ‘us’, the environment should ultimately be one that you and your partner can envision yourselves feeling positive and comfortable being within.

Start thinking about what you feel most confident wearing- it may already be something in your closet! What you wear, and where you wear it, sets the mood for your shoot.

What might also be inspiring for the shoot is looking at what’s been inspiring you lately from TikTok, Pinterest, whatever you’ve been saving and feeling super inspired by. that can begin the style direction for your shoot, if you need something visual to kick things off!

The Do’s and Don’ts – Broken-Down Tips & Advice

Words of wisdom – harmonize your looks. Avoid colors that look like they’re in a wrestling match with each other, okay? And terrain matters! Barefoot on the beach, stunning in neutrals, speaking the language of the landscape – we’re creating an editorial masterpiece, one that resonates with your soul.


  1. Dress cohesively with each other, in each outfit set. For example- if you’re planning on wearing something that is more formal attire, you’ll want to make sure your partner is not dressed more casually than you. This tends to photograph very awkwardly, no matter who you’re being photographed by!
  2. Dress for the overall feel you want your images to evoke- if you want a photo to have a certain mood, color matters most. If you’re looking for photos to feel brighter and more airy, wearing brighter pastels and whites is great- if leaning towards darker, moodier photos- then wearing deeper hues and blacks is ideal for that, instead!
  3. Default to a white dress or black suit. that always looks so elevated and classic, and makes for a perfectly fun excuse to get dressed up.


  1. Wear graphic tees.not only do these tend to look outdated when looking back on photos, but they also end up clashing with your background, and distract from the connection that you both may have in any given moment. Steer clear!
  2. Avoid wearing patterns that are smaller than a quarter. These tend to create what’s called a moiree effect on the final image, where your shirt or pants look like they’ve become digitized on the computer screen!
  3. Rarely are any colors hard to look great in- except the ones that do not photograph well! These tends to be bold reds, neon colors, and any colored metallics outside of gold and silver. These colors tend to bounce on and off of subject’s to create unfortunate color distortion on skin tones, and create reflections that photographers are unable to edit out.

When in doubt? You can always ask! If you’re ever wanting to make sure a color works with what you or your partner are planning on wearing, you can always reach out to your photographer, to make sure those photos will look best with the environment, and with their editing style!

1 For more information, you can absolutely snag by Engagement Session Guide- Where I break everything down super in-depth! You can reach out directly through my contact form, on this page, when you click here.

When Two Outfits Seem Better Than One

Torn between casual and elevated-chic outfits? Let’s have you wear both- why not?!

If you’re craving variety with more than one styled look, then I’d recommend you partner with your photographer and share that you’re looking for more than one vibe! An important note here: This may mean less photos for an increased amount of variety of photos.

The Value of Booking Other Vendors & Styling Services

Max out the luxe factor by dialing up other vendors and seeing if they’re not only available for your engagement session, but primarily also for your wedding date.

Perfectly coiffed hair, nails on point, and a classic ride to roll up in? This isn’t an everyday affair; it’s your engagement session, and it deserves that extra dash of special.

The biggest value you get out of lining up the best date with all of your wedding vendors available? You get the best sense for how you are all going to work together on your wedding day. How will your hair and makeup team style you, while keeping the vibes high in your “getting ready” suite? How will your photographer work to capture you, and how will the hair and makeup results photograph and look in the final edits?

You get the most insight to how your wedding day is going to look and feel with each of your vendors during your engagement session- on an individual level, and see the results within your final gallery!

Wrapping It Up

It’s a whirlwind of activity, I know, but hey, we’re in it together, crafting your little legacy. It doesn’t have to be an all-out production (unless you’re wanting to go big, then, by all means, let’s do this!), but either way, it’ll be wondrously fun!

You’ve got a vision, and I’ve got a camera and the enthusiasm to match – so tell me all about it, lovely. From the mood to the moment, we’ll make each second shine with purpose and passion. Your engagement photoshoot isn’t just any photoshoot; it’s the beginning of something legendary.

Now, breathe easy. You ready to craft some magic with me? Shoot me a message, and we’ll pen this gorgeous story together. Because this – this moment, this season – it’s yours, and it’s spectacular. 🤘✨

April 10, 2024

Julianne Shearer



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