Exclusive Wedding Moments: Choosing Local Independent Photography

Dreaming of wedding photos that feel candid, true-to-you, emotive and cinematic? Opting for a boutique, independent local photographer may just be your ticket to eternal memories that are lovingly captured. 

This isn’t just about choosing a photography service; it’s about selecting an artist who will bottle up the essence of your day into incredibly gleaming core memories.

Let’s Start With What We’re Not

We can contrast this with other types of photography businesses- these tend to be associate teams under one business, with anywhere from 10-50 shooters for photography and videography.

They offer wedding service packages that are priced typically at or below the average service cost for the given market or region for wedding-day photography and videography. While budget is an initial “pro,” there is definitely a different process, experience, and set of expectations that a couple can receive leading up to, and on, their wedding day.

Under photography business that comprises a large team, those professionals with varying levels of experience are quickly collected together primarily based on availability- not on other factors such as having ever worked together before, skillset specifically for the type of work you’re wanting, experience, personality, and fit with the couple’s dynamic and unique goals for their wedding-day experience. There will be different personalities that may or may not jive well with that of you and your fianceé, which you cannot guarantee, even if you pay in full in advance. 

You do not have the option to choose who those people are that are capturing you, and spending time all day alongside you throughout it. You also may not get full insight to what to expect in terms of shooting style, as each person may not be hired with that completely customized to what you may love.

Because of the higher volume this company produces galleries for, often times with anywhere from 15-60 weddings a month, they have a very standardized way of capturing each wedding, that they don’t steer away from. It’s often templated, cookie-cutter, and rely on what’s been expected in the past from other couples that may have different styles and preferences for how their photos are captured.

Lastly, these photography companies tend to prioritize producing work that supports their venues, and the lasting partnerships they have together. And that definitely can be beneficial for you- While that can mean often times that their photo and video teams are pretty knowledgeable on where to capture content throughout the venue, that also means that the galleries and videos that you receive back can feel a bit more commercialized. Meaning that the landscape and property is feeling marketed, versus a focus on what you and your partner got to experience mingling with guests and having organize conversations during parts of the day that feel really personal to you.

The Value of Boutique Wedding Photography

When you hear “boutique photography,” one could compare it to bespoke suits or haute couture dresses, intricately designed floral moments that have complex depth, texture and beauty–it’s photography crafted with intention, and tailored to fit you and the experience that you’re seeking, perfectly.

While we’re creatives that can love prose, we also value a very hands-on, organized and custom-to-you process that matches the higher ticket service. This is often due to years of our own very seasoned experience that’s gathered lots of individual client feedback to craft a very specialized service that guarantees couples are consistently having their expectations exceeded by the time their wedding day is over. It’s because of the level of value being offered by either a few people that are really specialized in what we all do, or we’re a very seasoned solopreneur that’s at every high-touch part of the process.

A boutique independent photographer isn’t your run-of-the-mill shutterbug who churns out album after album at high volumes season after wedding season, with a cheaper standard rate. No, we’re the storytellers that always look to understand what makes your relationship great, and make the ordinary appear extraordinary through our lenses. On your wedding day, we possess the emotional intelligence to read the room with anyone in it, and socially adapt to become part of the family, and one with your most important friends.

When it comes to our process (this goes back to working intricately with you)- we’re professionals that value preparation. That meaning that if we have never captured at the venue, that we build relationships with the venue ahead of time, tour on our own, and make ourselves available to come with you to see what you love about the space- to better capture you in it,

Our superpower isn’t just a keen eye for the magical shot, but the heart and soul we pour into our craft. We don’t stand aloof; as I’ll share more in-depth, we’re very hands-on as one can get, from fielding your first eager call to delivering those timeless, candid images that radiate your wedding-day joy.

Your Wedding Day: It’s Truly Us Capturing It

And yes- contrary to other types of photography companies, we are always expecting to be there on your wedding day. Other companies cannot guarantee that the person you inquire with, pre-plan with, have your engagement session with, and finalize the wedding photography timeline will ever be the same person at any given point throughout their client experience.

When you book with a boutique, independent photographer/ photography company, we are truly booking with the intention of leading you as your photographer on your wedding day, versus hiring an assistant to replace us after you’ve booked with the intention of having the photography business owner there.

We also hire and recruit very intentionally to have an assistant or second shooter with us that has the skills and abilities to perform if an emergency were to happen- but ultimately, unless there is a natural disaster, World War III, or we’re essentially in a coma, we’re totally preparing to come fully geared up and present to capture the entire story of your day!

Deep Connections for Exquisite Photos

Picture this: a photographer who knows the quirk in your smile, the angles of your favorite assets, and the light in your partner’s eyes when they look at you and take you in. With an independent photographer, your story, your relationship and it’s unique dynamic- it’s important to us.

You’re not merely hiring a camera expert; you’re entrusting your narrative to someone to whom details matter—someone who “gets” you. Someone you can not only trust to capture it all, but takes the time to build connection with you throughout the planning process, to be the person you can consider a confidant by your side, for the majority of your wedding day.

We also take the time to get to know your family and friends, and to make sure that they feel included in every part of the day that matters to you both. Other photographers could show up on the wedding day and have a hard time placing who is who, getting names mixed up, and guessing along the way who your dad, maid of honor, or grandparents are and trying to last minute piece it together. Instead, a boutique photographer will make the time and effort before the wedding day to learn about your families, loved ones, the dynamics, and what will therefore be more meaningful than not to capture as the day is unfolding.

More than just clicking a camera

When an independent photographer says “LFG, yes” to your wedding, we’re absolutely on board for that entire ride. From those tentative initial inquiries to walking you through finely-crafted albums post-wedding, we’re your steadfast companion, always in search of that next wonderful shot that echoes “you.” We have the talent and skills to use very high-performing gear, but additionally, we’re wanting to meet you where you’re at in the planning process, and in the lead up to your wedding day.

Imagine having a photographer by your side who’s as focused on your comfort as they are on immortalizing the day. Unlike higher volume studios where you’re a date on the calendar, your boutique photographer fits like Cinderella’s slipper—chosen just for you, for your make-you-blush giggles and the tears of joy that might steal the show.

Ultimately, this isn’t about lining up for hours of staged smiles or adhering to cookie-cutter concepts. It’s about authentic experiences that manifest in photographs as whimsical and wondrous as your love story.

In-House: We can do more than you might expect

While their forte is capturing moments, boutique photographers often double as craftsmen of tangible keepsakes as well. From beautifully-bound books you’ll thumb through decades down the line to prints that transport you back to each of those core memories. There are usually some other add-on services that you can always opt in for along the way and even after your wedding day, even after you’ve booked your wedding package with us!

Wrapping it up

There’s something revolutionarily beautiful about having your wedding day chronicled by someone who approaches it like a blank canvas- with lots of talent, skill, and emotional intelligence that can manage your entire client experience- from inquiring, booking, wedding planning, capturing your wedding day, to delivering every single timeless memory.

While it is more of an initial financial investment, we would confidently say that it is money well spent- you’re often times directly paying one person or at most, a few, for their time, talent, experience, and ability to hold your hand through the entire experience and beyond your wedding day.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when those pictures are crafted by a boutique photographer, they’re worth an eternity. Take the leap, and may your wedding imagery be as sensational and as intentionally captured as the love it represents.

Cheers to wedding photos that are, simply put, straight-up GOLD 🤘

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April 9, 2024

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